Common Knowledge Sampler

by Pillowfish

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    4 track album sampler - Seven Stolen Stars, Addiction, She's So Dark and Fingerprints and Smudges.

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*Same album - new cover!*

Our debut album. As you can hear, the songs are mostly recorded as acoustic duo arrangements, pretty much as we play them live.


released January 1, 2007



all rights reserved


Pillowfish UK

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Track Name: Seven Stolen Stars
In seven sealed jars, She keeps seven stolen stars
They’re kept down in the cellar,
Under seven locks on seven doors
And she sits under electric light, Up upon the seventh floor
While I stare sadly into seven spaces in the sky

He saw the spinning moon and wished to own its shimmer
He netted it down into his garden one day
And there it lay, as grey as any other rock,
its glimmer gone, he left it dead and sped away.

Now the sun sobs, mirrorless, Behind the empty night
Down below bewildered stares are blind without the light
And some are dark with anger but they can’t see who to fight

No-one can see the way anymore.

In seven sealed jars, She still has the stolen stars
and under her electric light, she never doubts that she is right
and she has quite forgotten that the seven stars are there
while I still miss the seven flares that used to gild the air.

No-one can see the way anymore.
Track Name: Addiction
When I smell the coffee something happens to my brain
It starts to motivate my limbs and overcomes the pain
I begin to fall and stumble my way up to the machine
Load and tamp and switch until the light comes on again

When I see the foaming crèma on the top of coffee black
And smell earthy aromas that put me back on track
I feel it from the opening sip starting to make me sick
But the singing of the neurons always keeps me coming back

I’m shaking and I’m nervous and I need to eat some food
I’m nauseous and I’m jumpy and my co-ordination’s screwed
But it’s hurting in a happy way and it just feels so good
I’m singing in the rain, I’m dancing in the nude

Addiction, affliction, sometimes it’s even legal
Induction, corruption, some things are eternal

I’ve something now in common with Sherlock Holmes and Jimmy Page,
And Kurt Cobain although I hope it doesn’t reach that stage
You’ll say I’m just a dilettante and I’m not that close to the edge
So brew me up another cup and bring it to my cage

I can feel switches closing and rerouting in my mind
And the fuzzy feelings lifting and I am no longer blind
the maggots in my stomach insist the stuff be banned
Then the java fairy manifests and waves his magic wand

It keeps me from depression and self pity and despair
It’s a celebrated ritual that thickly perfumes the air
It’s a palpitating nightmare, an exhilarating dare
It’s a lover with a flogger; it’s a pyrrhic sort of cure
Track Name: She's so Dark
She’s so dark, so dark,
Like the good night, like a dog’s bark
She’s so pale, so pale,
Like a parchment, like a salt sail
She’s so bleak, so bleak,
Like an old bone on the beach

She’s so warm, so warm,
Like the ocean, like a summer storm
She’s so cool so cool,
Like a glass spoon, like a trout pool

She’s so black, so black,
Like an ember in a hemp sack
She’s so brown, so brown,
Like an oak beam, like an old sound

She’s so right, so right,
Smells like chocolate, tastes like marmite
She’s so wrong, so wrong,
Like a death wound, like a border song

She’s so hurt, so hurt,
From the inside like dead Kurt
She’s so goth, so goth,
Like the burnt wing of a moth

She’s so strong, so strong,
Like an old scar 10 years long
Track Name: Fingerprints and Smudges
There was a poster behind the fridge,
With tatty brittle edges
It’s torn, faded and yellow,
It has fingerprints and smudges,
fingerprints and smudges

It’s been forgotten in the corner,
Since 1974
We found it when the house came down,
To build a superstore,
To build the new mall

This fantastic faded paper,
Proclaims a carnival of change
In coloured letters 6 inches tall,
All the world to rearrange
Into something rich and strange

it’s considered common knowledge
that the hope was an illusion
that light and love and rock and roll
were a huge collective delusion,
a youthful indiscretion

but the winners write the histories,
and it’s mostly turncoats help recall
I question if they understand,
or were even there at all,
Were they truly there at all

You thought the times were changing,
but they never did
So you all sold out and got a job,
and left the problems for your kids,
left the unsolved problems for the kids

the kids you should not have had,
are standing crowded in together
they’re just as foolish and confused as you were,
but you had better weather
a lot more hope and better weather

you had the world you had the wealth you were prodigious,
but you didn’t have the knowledge
you lost the plot in a long war of attrition,
you lost your conviction and your courage
all that’s left is fingerprints to salvage

now it’s 30 years later,
the alright kids are so much older
I’m still banging on the drums of peace,
but the young ones are much colder
and the drums of war beat louder

now it’s an old man’s revolution,
and it won’t win the election
but I won’t get fooled again,
and it’s time to take some action
force a conscious resurrection

I’m repainting the poster,
To pin its colours to the wall
A call to freedom written large,
In letters 6 feet tall
Put the writing on the wall